The Taste the Good Life Committee is responsible for bringing guests to the event, assisting with promotion and

marketing, identifying worthy charities, and engaging with DiSalvo's to help make the event outstanding.

Committee Members

Honorable James Albert
Ty Amey
Cmr. Chuck Anderson
Scott Avolio
Tom Baumann
Jason Brinker
Bob Buzzelli
Todd Cline
Joseph Del Signore

Peter Dochinez

Fred Findley

Jonathan Garlow

Justin Garlow

Mark Gera

Mark Giaquinto
John Graziano
Dr. Jim Gregory
Joseph Habib
Peter Habib
Ken Hager

Pat Hampson

John Kline
Dr. Greg Lane

Ralph Liberatore

Nick Marquis 

Kevin Miller

Shelley Miscampbell

Chip Purcell
Jim Sandella

Elle Speicher
Ray Speicher

Steve Superick
James Vaccare
Keith Visconti
Senator Kim Ward
Michael Young

Paul Zavarella