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What Do You Do With The Sad That You Feel?

JCH Foundation Funding Helps Excela Health Neighborhood Kids: A Family-Based Grief Support Program 



Jamie tragically lost her life on May 15 2018, due to a postpartum hemorrhage, which left her two young children without a mother.  Her family has created the Jamie Cordial Hall Foundation to help children and others in need in Greensburg, Pa. and surrounding areas.


Jamie, Tom, and Chloe were happy as can be.  Their little family was complete.  They had a girl and a boy, they thought life couldn’t get any better.  Who would of thought that Jamie had only 38 days to live?


Tuesday, May 15 started out like any other day.  It was a beautiful sunny day.  Jamie was going shopping for a few last-minute things for Cody’s baptism, which was to be the following Sunday.  Around 8:15 a.m. tragedy struck.  God decided it was time for Jamie to go home to Him, leaving her two beautiful children who she loved with all of her heart.  Our precious Jamie: daughter, sister, wife, and mommy, suffered a postpartum hemorrhage and passed away at 1:10 p.m. that day.  We were all in shock and disbelief, and are still in denial at times.  There is so much devastation all around from losing her.  Not just with us, (her family), but with so many relatives, friends and others who knew her in any capacity.  We are all lost without her and our lives will never be the same.  The Earth has lost a bright light and sweet soul.  Heaven has received a blessed angel.


We, her family, are determined to keep her memory alive for her kids and all who knew and loved her.  We ask that anyone reading this will always keep our family in your prayers.  Every hour of every day is a struggle

without her.

"Finding a way to live within this grief takes a lifetime of courage and strength." 

"Others will try to tell a parent that in time things will feel better and that the grief of a child loss will end. The truth is the grief from child loss remains in the heart of every parent of loss. Each day, the child is missed, and as time continues on that child is missed a little bit more, and a little bit more, and a little bit more. Finding a way to live within this grief takes a lifetime of courage and strength." Anonymous


The JCH Foundation’s mission is to provide assistance to children

and others in need in the community.



Grant Grants to Individuals, Families and Charitible Organizations:


Partial Lists of Grant Recipients - Please visit jchfoundation.com to learn more. Thank You.


Excela Neighborhood Kids Grief Support Program: “Neighborhood Kids” is a family-based bereavement support program designed to bring families together during a time of loss and sadness, using alternative therapies such as art, music and pets to help children work through grief.

Family Lives on Foundation - Their mission is to support the life-long emotional well-being of children whose mother or father has died

The Highmark Caring Place - The Caring Place is a center for grieving children, adolescents, and their families. 

Circle Camps - The Camp’s mission is to provide a free summer camp for girls who have experienced the death of a parent. 


Birthright of Greensburg - Birthright is an organization that supplies new moms in need with supplies, clothes and other necessary items for their newborn babies  

Seton Hill Child Development Center to build a musical playground for the kids in the

three and four year old programs

First Presbyterian Church Preschool to assemble gift baskets to donate to Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh

World Autism Month - Greater Latrobe School District, to supply sensory kits for their classrooms

Borough of South Greensburg,  complete replacement of the Sheraton Avenue Playground

Partial Lists of Grant Recipients - Please visit jchfoundation.com to learn more. Thank You.

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