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The Aficionado Award goes to the highest bidder in the live auction at the end of the evening. 

Be One of the Aficionados!  Join the Jacket Club!

The “Taste the Good Life Aficionado Award” is a unique and honored tradition at these events. It offers an opportunity for those with a philanthropist’s heart.  


During live bidding, individuals will bid to “earn” the honor of wearing a jacket.  

They earn the honor by becoming the highest donor to the Charity with ALL the Aficionado donations going toward the charity of the evening. 

  • Dr. Jim Gregory
  • Mr. Pete Dochinez
  • Mr. Joseph Salpietro
  • Dr. Nick Trombetta  
  • Mr. Joseph A. Sinclair
  • Mr. Tom Baumann
  • Mr. Pete Maida
  • Mr. Pat Hampson

  • Mr. James Colucci

  • Ms. Megan Sinclair

  • Dr. Genevieve Everett

  • Mr. Imre Lancz

  • Mr. Richard Cassidy

  • Mr. Thomas Simunich

  • Ms. Monica Farabaugh

  • Mr. John Watson

  • Mr. Tom Graf

  • Mr. Michael Allen

  • Mr. Ralph Santarcangelo 

  • Dr. Hassan Amhaz

  • Mrs. Mandy Amhaz

  • Mr. Ted Moss

  • Dr. Paul Kraisinger

  • Mr. John Brophy

  • Ms. Dina Coker

  • Allan Lassinger

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