Helping the Blood Science Foundation and Vitalant


Through philanthropy and grant making, support Vitalant in fulfilling their mission to advance cutting edge research, provide a safe and ample blood supply and meet the needs of the healthcare communities, patients and donors they support in Pennsylvania, Illinois, West Virginia and Ohio.




Save the Humans


When you donate blood, it doesn't just help people during disasters. From surgery to fighting cancer to giving birth, blood donations are used to save around 12,000 lives a day. A lot of the medical care we take for granted wouldn't exist without blood donations.

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As one of the nation’s oldest and largest nonprofit community blood service providers, Vitalant collects approximately 1.8 million blood donations annually which are distributed to nearly 1,000 hospitals and health care partners for patients in need across 40 states.

Vitalant operations in Pittsburgh is a tax-exempt organization established to serve the transfusion needs of Pittsburgh hospitals. The blood bank’s service areas include metropolitan Pittsburgh as well as more than 10 counties in western Pennsylvania, northern West Virginia and eastern Ohio. It currently distributes 145,000 units of whole blood annually to about 45 hospitals and healthcare facilities in the tri-state area.

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